10 Roots & Reflections | Solo & Trio (2019)

NextSteps Projects Stage 6 Part 3: Roots & Reflections | Bart Flos Solo & Trio

All the albums produced under NextSteps Projects are available on all streaming platforms. But for this special occasion as part of NextSteps Projects Stage 6 I have also released a Triple-CD Jazz Album containing three discs: solo, trio and a bonus CD. The bonus CD with alternate and bonus takes however is only available with the Triple-CD Album and can be obtained only through various webshops.

For more background information about this music project click here.

Triple Disc Jazz Album:

– Disc 1 Solo
– Disc 2 Trio
– Disc 3 Bonus

The Bonus CD is only available as part of the Triple Disc Jazz Album and therefore exclusively available via the following webshops:


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