3 Thoughts (2002)

CD3: NextSteps Project Stage 2: “Thoughts”

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About the music

Most of the tracks on this CD are played real time and are unedited in terms of cutting and pasting. What you hear is what’s been played. It allows me to both seek for new sounds, melodies and songs and to record any spontaneous song that pops up, depending on my mood. It’s a great way to reach a professional recording by relatively simple methods and tools and in a relatively short period of time. 

Ultimately, by the way, it is my ambition to play with “living” musicians and my latest work makes it easier to say, “this is what I want to do” and to relate that to others. 

During the course of about three-quarters of a year I recorded about 30 minidisks with over 300 tracks that were the bases of these new solo CD’s. Hopefully it will give you an impression of what I like in music, which styles I prefer and which combinations of styles are possible. The sky is the limit, folks!


This third CD, Thoughts, consists entirely of solo piano pieces, mostly on the (digital) acoustic piano of the RD700 and some on the Fender Rhodes. It was a lot of fun doing, because most of the songs are a result of longer periods of looking for the right feel and construction. In a way it reflects my mood whenever I am playing, which account for the variations in sound, rhythm and speed. Well, you can judge that for yourself.

CD3: NextSteps Series No1: Thoughts

Part #1: Perception
01 1st piece (B.Flos) 5:25
02 2nd piece (B.Flos) 7:32
03 3rd piece (B.Flos) 4:14
Part #2: Movement
04 1st piece (B.Flos) 5:00
05 2nd piece (B.Flos) 7:25
06 3rd piece (B.Flos) 5:22
Part #3: Direction
07 1st piece (B.Flos) 4:56
08 2nd piece (B.Flos) 3:52
09 3rd piece (B.Flos) 4:54
Part #4: Reflection
10 1st piece (B.Flos) 6:54
11 2nd piece (B.Flos) 4:26
12 3rd piece (B.Flos) 1:47
Part #5: Roots
13 New Life (T. Jones / B.Flos) 4:18
14 Short Jacket Is Always Ill (trad.) 2:11
15 Fender Fun (B.Flos) 4:27

Audio track samples:

01 Part #1 | Perception | 1st piece:

05 Part #2 | Movement | 2nd piece:

09 Part #3 | Direction | 3rd piece:

11 Part #4 | Reflection | 2nd piece:

15 Part #5 | Roots | Fender Fun:

About the songs

As explained before, the NextSteps Series Solo Project is based on preparation work in my mini studio. Most of the songs are pre-recorded on mini disc and subsequently pre-mastered in a professional studio. During the course of the project I have chosen to add tracks to particular songs to complete my original idea’s of the compositions or even to completely compose and record a new song in the main studio. This is explained with the [prefixes] in the text of each song below:

[OTR]  One Time Recording of the complete composition in real time: pre-mix set in the mini studio, no tracks added, no editing within the composition apart from pre-mastering. 
[OTR/ ] One Time Recording of the core song: limited tracks added in the main studio, possible editing within the composition (introductions, endings).
[MTR/-] Multi Track Recording: based on basic track(s) recorded in my studio, multiple tracks added, possible editing within the composition (introductions, endings).
[MTR/ ] Multi Track Recording ‘from scratch’: track by track composed, arranged, recorded and pre-mastered in the main studio.

All of the compositions on my CD ‘Thoughts’ are of type [OTR] and the CD is divided into five separate parts taking you on a journey through Perception, Movement, Direction, Reflection and Roots. You will find influences of jazz, blues, pop, fusion and latin in the songs and each one is spontaneously improvised (based on mood and feel of that particular moment) and unedited (no ‘cut & paste’ activities within each composition).

In the 5th part, Roots, you will notice that the 13th song, New Life, is an arrangement of Thad Jones’ beautiful ballad A Child Is Born. I have also included a short but sweet Dutch folk song, Short Jacket Is Always Ill (in Dutch: “Altijd Is Kortjakje Ziek”) that I jazzed up a little bit. The last song on this album, Fender Fun, really brings me back to my roots. It’s the only song on this CD performed on the RD700’s Fender Rhodes (the rest is all RD700’s acoustic piano) and concludes my thoughts with a blues. Enjoy!

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