6 Blow-out (2006)

NextSteps Projects Stage 3: Blow-out

As part of NextSteps Projects Stage 3 I recorded 300 compositions in a periode of six weeks of which I subsequently derived 17 new solo albums. This album highlights the compositions recorded as multiple instruments (piano, Fender Rhodes, jazz organ, various guitars) played in different styles, such as jazz, blues, fusion, funk, dance and house. I used a variety of digital drum scores that were looped to allow me to improvise on it. All compositions are recorded in real time, one take, no overdubs. What you hear is how it’s been played.

For more background information about this music project click here.

Available on all streaming platforms! Go, for instance, to Spotify to checkout this album or check out the playlist below. Just click on the first track and let it run. You get a glimpse of every composition. Enjoy!

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