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Press release Jazz Album Roots & Reflections | Bart Flos Solo & Trio

Brabant based author releases jazz album

Lecturer, inspirator and author of ‘Het anti-klaagboek’ (the Anti-complain Book) Bart Flos from Helmond always wanted to turn his hobby into a profession. But it was difficult to choose: to write, present and inspire or to make music? Nah, well, blood is thicker than water so why not do both? This time around jazz pianist Flos went out of his way with the release of a brand-new album containing no less than three CD’s: solo, trio and a bonus CD.

Back in 1996 Flos had already recorded a CD with a jazz trio but in 2000 the idea arose to continue his journey on his own. That resulted in his first solo album, NextSteps/Crossing Over (Stage 1). Five solo albums followed over the years; each time performed as music projects (‘stages’) under NextSteps Projects. His latest album is the result of Stage 6: again, solo at the grand piano but also with a jazz trio.

Jazz Suite

‘It must have been somewhere in 2013’, Flos says, ‘that I sat at the piano and got a spontaneous idea for a new Jazz Suite. I had this composition floating around in my head all the time and I eventually named it Origin Alpha Prime. The rest of the suite is based on that song. Therefore, all jazz, blues, latin and fusion compositions are, so to speak, family members and it is a great joy to be able to bring them out in the open after so many years’.

Bart Flos performs his Jazz Suite Roots & Reflections both solo behind the grand piano as with a jazz trio. Flos: ‘It is real inspiring to experience what happens with your compositions when you first record them solo and subsequently see them fortified by such great musicians as Eric van der Westen (bass) and Marc Schenk (drums). Thát is what I call added value and it has been great fun playing with these guys!’


The composition Origin Alpha Prime is not only recorded on CD but also as solo and trio video clips. Besides that, the entire NextSteps Projects Stage 6 endeavor has been filmed and is available as promo video and as a full documentary including in depth interview. ‘It appeared to me’, Flos explains, ‘a fun idea to have a camera present from day one. Few people understand what it takes to conceptualize ánd realize a music project of this magnitude and now everybody is granted a peek behind the curtains’.  

Roots & Reflections | Bart Flos Solo & Trio – Jazz Album with 3 CD’s (Solo, Trio and Bonus) € 24,95 – is released on the 25th of October 2019 under the label BART FLOS MUSIC / NEXTSTEPS PROJECTS ( |

This album is available on all streaming platforms. Earlier released work from jazz pianist Bart Flos under NextSteps Projects can be found there as well. However, the bonus CD is only available with the complete jazz album, to be ordered via the webshops of, en


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