NextSteps Series (Solo) Projects

Since 2000 I have been engaged in a series of projects producing a line of solo CD’s. With the NextSteps Series (Solo) Projects I intend to expand my horizon and to keep chasing my musical dreams.

Stage 1

In 2000, Stage 1 of the NextSteps Projects produced my first solo CD since Acoustic Jazz Trio TRICEPS’s released its maiden CD Recognition in 1996. It is called NextSteps – Crossing Over and could be regarded as a sampler CD of different styles of music, mostly covers but with some original compositions.

Stage 2

In 2003, Stage 2 of the NextSteps Series Solo Projects produced three new solo CD’s, Thoughts, Expectations and Connections. This time almost entirely based on original compositions in various musical styles: Jazz, Blues, Pop, Fusion, Funk, Latin and Beats & Grooves.

Stage 3

In 2006, Stage 3 of the NextSteps Series Solo Projects produced a variety of new CD’s expanding the above mentioned styles with new compositions, new combinations of sounds and drums and new styles of Beats & Grooves. Stage 3 produced all in all 17 new albums of which a fine ‘best of’-selection was published as solo CD’s Blow-out and Nose to Key.

Stage 4

In 2007, Stage 4 of the NextSteps Series Solo Projects gave birth to a series of solo piano concerts in the Auditorium of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven: “Contemplations” and “Frames of Mind”.

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Stage 5

In 2010 Stage 5 of the NextSteps Series Solo Projects took it to the next level: Bart Flos went YouTube! You can watch and enjoy a number of live studio solo recordings, captured on the spot, live as the improvisations unfold.

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Stage 6 Part 1, 2 and 3

Bart Flos: ‘Somewhere in 2013 — unfortunately I can’t recall the exact moment or month but by logical deduction I’m pretty sure I started the whole thing in that particular year — I started working on a new Jazz Suite that I named Roots & Reflections, as part of Stage 6 of the NextSteps Series Projects’.

‘By the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 I had composed 32 songs and I decided that was quite enough to work with. Parts 1, 2 and 3 of Stage 6 materialized in my head and gained traction. From the main package of 32 songs I recorded 24 concept working audio files to translate into sheet music (Stage 6 Part 1), recorded various parts of the Jazz Suite as solo pianist (Stage 6 Part 2h) with the goal to ultimately select and record 12 compositions as acoustic jazz trio (Stage 6 Part 3).’

Stage 7

For Stage 7 of the NextSteps Series Projects I’m currently entertaining ideas to take the initiatives of Stage 6 to the next level in 2021. Let’s leave it at that for now because you must always have to have something to look forward to, wouldn’t you agree? Stay tuned!


When you are ‘wandering through’ my website you will find out that I am constantly seeking contact with other musicians. Before I started my solo projects I have played as a pianist in lots of different combinations of musicians. Following that period, my last CD productions where based on the idea to develop my musical interests from within myself. I have tried to accomplish this by performing solo, using state of the art digital technology in which I am offered the chance to play different instruments simultaneously. Based on this last work I am now seeking other musicians to join in and to combine my ideas with their inspiration, starting with Part 3 of Stage 6.

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I hope you will enjoy this part of my website. Maybe it will inspire you to create your own world of music or to join yours with mine and who knows, maybe we’ll meet someday?

Want to see an overview of all CD’s produced between 2000 and 2006? Download this document:

Wanna learn more? Go to NextStepsProjects / Stage 1 or click here.

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