Stage 6 Part 2 (2019)

Somewhere in 2013 — unfortunately I can’t recall the exact moment or month but by logical deduction I’m pretty sure I started the whole thing in that particular year — I started working on a new Jazz Suite that I named Roots & Reflections, as part of Stage 6 of the NextSteps Series Projects.

Hans Keur Fotograaf

It all started with an idea floating around in my head that materialized as Origin Alpha Prime, a 6/8 piece that functions as the center point around which I have composed the rest of the Jazz Suite. In the years that followed I wrote more songs in different styles — jazz waltz, swing, latin, funk, fusion — and gradually worked my way outward from that central theme, building and expanding on my Jazz Suite.

Hans Keur Fotograaf

In the mean while I was also building my own company, writing books about the human nature (for instance ‘The Anti-complain Book | First aid kit for nagging and wining‘) and introducing myself as a public speaker and teacher, doing presentations and workshops all around the Netherlands and Belgium. And that explains the relative wide gap in time between Stage 5 (2010) and Stage 6 (2018). I started my company in 2010, you see, and went operational in april 2011, so I was quite busy. ‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’; no flies on me, you know, you have to keep going.

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Hans Keur Fotograaf

By the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 I had composed 32 songs and I decided that was quite enough to work with. Parts 1, 2 and 3 of Stage 6 materialized in my head and gained traction. From the main package of 32 songs I recorded 24 concept working audio files to translate into sheet music (Part 1), recorded various parts of the Jazz Suite as solo pianist (Part 2) with the goal to ultimately select and record 12 compositions as acoustic jazz trio (Part 3).

Part 2

Part 2 of Stage 6 of the NextSteps Series Projects aims to record the Jazz Suite Roots & Reflections as solo piano pieces providing a glimpse of what is to be expected in Part 3. The recordings took place on the 8th, 9th and 10th of January 2019 and the solo compositions are currently being finished, edited and mastered.

Hans Keur Fotograaf

The center piece of my Jazz Suite Roots & Reflections, Origin Alpha Prime, is also recorded on video.

[This page is under construction. Audio and video files will be inserted here on a later date]

Hans Keur Fotograaf


All recording sessions are done in Studio-Cube in Rossum, Gelderland, (check out their website) with many thanks to Arthur Theunissen (media composer, studio technician), Luuk Bergervoet (producer, studio technician) and Frans de Visser (designer, cameraman, editor) for their hospitality and craftmanship. Their energy and enthusiasm adds to mine!

Hans Keur Fotograaf

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