This is an overview of the websites I am currently running:

1 (=

That’s the one you are visiting right now, in case you hadn’t noticed 😉 

2 (=

All of my other websites are in Dutch but who needs comments on a photography website? Just watch and enjoy. 


If you’re interested in what I do for a living check out my company website. You gotta embrace change! 


‘Blijvend beklijven’ roughly translates into ‘lasting endurance’ which is, I know, a pleonasm, it’s redundant. But that’s the point. 


This is the website of my first book, The Anti-complain Book | First aid kit for nagging and wining. (In Dutch: Het Anti-klaagboek | Eerste hulp bij zeuren en zaniken). 


My second book roughly translates into The Anti-drudgery Book | First aid kit for jobflops and other workworries (In Dutch: Het anti-sleurboek | Eerste hulp bij baanbalen en ander werkbederf). 


My third book is, The Perfect Project | Why people are the key to success,  currently being translated in English. (In Dutch: Het perfecte project | De mens als sleutel tot succes). 


My fourth book, The knowledge carnival | How to survive in an ocean of information, aims to address one of the biggest problems in modern society (In Dutch: De kenniskermis | Overleven in een zee van informatie). 


My fifth book, Futurology for Fanatics | Hope for the future of man ape and mother planet, takes a helicopter view on the future of our species as a whole. In Dutch: Vooruitkijken voor gevorderden | Hoop voor de toekomst van mensaap en moederplaneet). 

I did a TEDx-talk on the subject in Amsterdam:

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