8 Roots & Reflections | Solo (2019)

NextSteps Projects Stage 6 Part 1: Roots & Reflections | Bart Flos Solo

That first idea in 2013, the composition Origin Alpha Prime, ultimately resulted in the biggest NextSteps Project so far: Stage 6, the creation of the Jazz Suite Roots & Reflections. After recording digital Concept Audio Files and deriving the subsequent Sheet Music (part 1), a selection of compositions of this jazz suite was played solo at the grand piano (part 2). It provides you with the idea that this jazz suite is like a musical family: all compositions are interconnected, related and intertwined; they influence each other.

For more background information about this music project click here.

Available on all streaming platforms! Go, for instance, to Spotify to checkout this album or check out the playlist below. Just click on the first track and let it run. You get a glimpse of every composition. Enjoy!

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